RNZN ANZAC Platform System Upgrade (PSU)

The ANZAC Platform Systems Upgrade (PSU) midlife upgrade addressed issues of obsolescence, maintainability and capability of the ANZAC platform systems.

AMT was contracted for the design of Stability Enhancement & Compartment Changes which provided the ANZACs with a new growth margin to enable future capability enhancement. As part of this solution AMT redesigned the Quarterdeck including a partial plating in of the forward part enabling the addition of new compartments for a relocated laundry and a new Gymnasium.

AMT also performed the integration design for the installation of new upgraded propulsion diesel engines and fluid couplings into the vessel to provide the RNZN with improved flexibility and economical speed for the remaining life of the vessels.

The Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) Replacement and HVAC Systems upgrade elements of the project initially underwent a detailed Project Definition Study (PDS) activity with AMT working to assist the NZ Crown in defining their requirements and identifying the vendors who provided the best and most cost effective capability solutions for the RNZN. AMT was then contracted for the integration of the IPMS and HVAC elements.

For IPMS this involved the complete redesign of the MCR and Bridge, integration of new operator consoles around the ship as well as the installation of new Fibre Optic ring networks through key sections of the vessel.

The HVAC component involved the integration of new 1MW water chiller units, pumps and variable speed drives. In addition a new chilled water piping main was installed to support equipment changing over from the previous auxiliary sea cooling water system.

AMT provided the complete design from concept, functional design, through detail design and the production Installation Work Packages for this highly successful Platform Systems Upgrade Program.